Almost There, but Not Quite

February 6, 2009

My web guy left a voice mail about the problem downloading files from my site. When I was entering the information for each file, I forgot to include the “.rtf” extension after the file name. I spent an hour adding “.rtf” to 109 file names, and now the downloading problem is solved.

The next hurdle is to eliminate the problems with multiple log-ins and mysterious dumping of items from the shopping cart. When these two problems have been solved, the shopping cart will be operational. After we reach that point, I’m going to ask a few people to test the system and offer feedback.

Shopping Cart Hell

February 5, 2009

Last weekend I was bemoaning the lack of sales from my newly redesigned website, and my 21-year-old son had some advice for me. “Instead of selling the business letter templates only in packages, why not offer them individually?”

I protested, “Nobody will drag out their credit card information for a 99-cent purchase,” and his response was “Mom, I do it all the time when I download MP3 files and purchase items on the gaming sites.”

Inspired, I talked with my web guy and spent 7 hours last Sunday creating separate entries for 109 business letter templates. I eagerly awaited a flood of little orders on Monday, but nothing happened. I decided to submit a test order yesterday, and I found out that the shopping cart wasn’t working correctly. When I tried to purchase one of the letter templates, it took my credit card information but refused to let me download the file. I notified my web designer, and I’m hoping he can fix the shopping cart this weekend. It was working okay before we added the 99-cent items.

Today I decided to try another test. I created a new user account with my husband’s information and tried to purchase another 99-cent letter. Same problems–multiple logins required, items mysteriously disappearing from shopping cart and needing to be re-entered, and website refusing to allow me to download the eproduct I had purchased.

To make matters worse, I discovered two typos on the registration page where clients enter their information and create a username and password. Under billing address, it says “Please enter as it appears on you billing statement.” In the address section, it says “country abbreveation.” Not cool for someone in my business!

Murphy’s Law strikes again! If anything can go wrong, it will! Oh, and to make matters worse, my web designer is recovering from a virus. He holds down a full-time corporate job in addition to running his web design business on the side, and he’s been out of the office sick for a few days.

If people try to order eproducts from my website, I hope they won’t give up in frustration. Every time someone makes a purchase, my bank sends a receipt by email. I can send them the eproducts as email attachments until the shopping cart is fixed.

Business Blogging

February 5, 2009

Tonight I listened to an audio file on Blogging for Your Business (Gail Martin at Smart Women’s Cafe) and decided to start a business blog. A couple of years ago I created a personal blog about my experiences with refractive lensectomy ( so I’m not a total virgin to the blogging world.

Business has been slow lately. My two biggest clients have not had much work to send me since mid-December, so I have had too much time on my hands and not enough income. I’ve been using the extra time to rethink marketing strategies for my business, Executive Rewrites. This year I’d like to phase into doing more one-on-one work with individual clients, especially business owners and managers, and less textbook editing. I’ve been doing some “research calling” to find prospective clients in the Omaha business community. I’ve also been doing quite a bit more networking than usual, both online and in person.